Saturday, 4 September 2010

Outsiders Record Fair Vol 3 @ Urbanguild (Kyoto) 24th October 2010

Junkroom records & Urbanguild 主催

“Outsider’s” 中古レコード&CD フェア 第2弾 - 2010年10月24日

Outsider’s CD & Record Fair at Urbanguild (Kyoto) 2010.10.24 (Sun) 11.00am - 6.45pM
Huge Sale - Many Bargains !!!
Join our unique event........ Just like a record fair or Market in LONDON! ....... Great Atmosphere ...... cups of Tea.............and of course..........Fantastic cheap and collectable records........ CDs ......and some Books........ Enjoy!!


“outsiders” レコードフェアでは個人のCD&レコードコレクターの方がフリーマーケット形式でレコードを売ることができます。 出店料は1テーブル(床面も含む)につき3000円、テーブル半分で1500円。売り上げ手数料など一切徴収いたしません。売るものはレコード、CDもしくは古本に限らせていただきます。レコード店も参加します。場所は京都三条木屋町の urbanguild。興味のある方は以下まで。
連絡先jun kroom もしくは会場まで。

Urbanguild ニュー京都ビル3F 京都市中京区三条東木屋町下がる. 電話 075 212 1125

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Outsider's Record Fair Vol 2 -Urbanguild Kyoto 4th May 2010

Outsider’s CD & Record Fair @Urbanguild Kyoto 2010/05/04 11.00am-7.30pm (4th May)

11:00AM〜7:30PM 入場無料 8.00PM〜 ライブ+レコードフェア  ¥1000+ドリンク代別途
詳細 ライブ内容詳細


“outsiders” レコードフェアでは個人のCD&レコードコレクターの方がフリーマーケット形式でレコードを売ることができます。 出店料は1テーブル(床面も含む)につき3000円、テーブル半分で1500円。売り上げ手数料など一切徴収いたしません。売るものはレコード、CDもしくは古本に限らせていただきます。レコード店も参加します。場所は京都三条木屋町の urbanguild。興味のある方は以下までご連絡を 連絡先 jun kroom rrpm3345(at) HP もしくは会場まで。電話 075 212 1125

Urbanguild ニュー京都ビル3F 京都市中京区三条東木屋町下がる材木町 181 〒604-80

The second "Outsider Record Fair" presented by Jun Kroom Records and Urbanguild. will take place on 4th May 2010. We are actively looking for private sellers and collectors to join the event. Please note that there will be a small single charge to join the event. (1xtable = 3000yen) (half table= 1500 yen). There are no other charges

Table size is approx 1.5m x 0.8m. It's also ok to use the floor space around the table.

Sellers will be responsible for their own items ( installation,sale and clearance) If you wish to participate and you'd like more details, please email me through this blog (go to my profile page to email me directly)

The Fair will start at 11.00am and run till 7.30pm. Entrance to the fair is Free until 7.30pm



181-2 Zaimoku-cho
new-Kyoto bldg. 3F,
Kiyamachi Dori

Very Easy to find-
Here are some basic directions

From Sanjo Dori
go down Kiyamachi Dori
(This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream
Urbanguild is on the east side
(left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo)
walk approximately 150 metres.
Its on the 3rd floor of New Kyoto Building-access by elevator or stairs.

********GREAT IMPROVISED MUSIC***********

From 8.00pm The fair will combine with the event JunKroom Vol 15
There will be a charge of 1000yen (plus drink)
Some sellers will continue selling goods in the evening during the concert.

The Live event will feature the following artists
Tim Olive

Nick Hoffman

Takahiro Kawaguchi

Porta Chiusa
Hans Koch clarinet
Michael Thieke clarinet
Paed Conca clarinet

AUJIK (Stefan Larsson)


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Record Shop Meeting @ Cafe Independents (Kyoto) 2nd March 2010


3月2日 (火) 19:00~  charge free(入場無料)

100000t act :
MARLYN / DJ ヴィトン(100000t) / un escargot vide?(from FRANCE)

キャラメルレコード act :
DJ SeSe&はじめその2 / 荒神口キャラメリーズ

Llamalabo Record act :
DJ Sseeaann Rrooee(JUNK ROOM) / DJ GOW!!!!!(Llamalabo/Llamalabo Record)

今回は絆の深い「100000t」「キャラメルレコード」「Llamalabo Record」の3店によって共催されます。

Sunday, 17 January 2010

JunKroom vol 14 - Live event at Urbanguild on 10 Feb 2010

Many thanks to all the sellers who participated in the 1st Outsiders record fair, and also to all the performers in the JunKroom event that followed in the evening. Both events were a great success thanks to the support of all our visitors.
I'm now trying to find time for the 2nd Outsiders record fair- probably in April- If you are interested in joining this event get in touch with me through this blog.

Here are some reviews/write ups about the event

See Deep Kyoto here

See the Infinite Sounds blog here

The next JunKroom live event will take place on 10th February at Urbanguild in Kyoto.

See the JunKroomKyoto blog here for details
I'll be taking a few boxes of lps to sell at the event... so come along if you want to pick up some late night bargains!!