Friday, 4 July 2008

stacks and stacks of records SEE BELOW

Simply click on the main photo to super-size the image - you should be able to read the spines of the all of the lps contained in each pile.

You'll find photos of the covers of some of the lps contained in each pile of records beneath the main photo.

I will (in time) list the Titles of all the lps featured.

In future I will organize each selection better than this first batch (Piles 1-16) In total there are probably around 6000 lps that I'd like to (eventually) detail here - including a huge selection of rare Rock/Indie, Soundtrack and Japanese rock/prog/folk which don't feature much in this first batch. There are also hundreds of additional Jazz and African titles to come.

If you have a wants list/ or you are after something in particular I may have a copy or could track it down for you. Please email me for more info.

You could also try entering the name of an artist/lp title in the "search" box to find what you're after.

Please also check my other blog for info about Live Events and Shows I'm organizing in Kyoto.

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