Monday, 12 September 2011

JunKroom Records- Updates, Move to London, Ebay listings, Harold and Maude and other rarities.

So, after a bit of a break I'm back in London after leaving Japan in May 2011. It's taken me a while to get settled but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and I'm sorting through the thousands of lps I shipped over from Japan, which all arrived safely (fortunately) I'll be listing some items on ebay over the next few weeks. Here are a few that I've recently listed.....some may have finished by the time you read this, but there will be more to follow.

the link to my ebay page is

Here are some photos of recent listings- insured postage worldwide is included if the final bidding amount (no add on charges)

Harold and Maude Soundtrack
Bruce Springsteen live in NY (3lp set)
Jethro Tull Roots to Branches + Tour Program
Neil Young/Pearl Jam - Mirror Ball
Beck- Midnite Vultures

I will also be listing hundreds of rare/out of print CDs and LPs at set prices on Discogs contact me if you're interested
My discogs link is on the Left hand banner

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