Monday, 12 September 2011

Noise Annoys! Some Industrial LPs for sale- Death in June, Current 93, Dorothy (I confess), Nurse with Wound Organum, Industrial Records story.

Dorothy - I confess c/w Softness IR0014 1980

When 19 year old Dorothy first walked into the reception of Industrial Records office no one was quite sure what to expect. But it only took one play of the tape she'd made with young Scots guitarist, Alex Fergusson, and our minds were made up- HIT was stamped all over it! (Tony Graves) quote from liner notes

It's the B side "Softness" that's really groovy!
youtube link here

Noise Annoys!
Some Industrial LPs for sale-Please contact me if you're interested
Death in June/ Current 93 BAD VC 693
Dorothy - I confess (7inch) Rare
Nurse with Wound / Organum UD 020
Nurse with Wound Homotopy to Marie UD 013
Industrial Records story (comp)

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